Whole Farm Revenue Protection

Recently introduced Whole-Farm Revenue Protection policy targets diversified farms and farmers selling multiple commodities, including specialty crops to wholesale markets. The new policy is also designed to meet the risk management needs of diversified crop and livestock producers, including those growing specialty crops and /or selling to local and regional markets, farm indentity preserved markets or direct markets.

  • Animal or animal products are limited to a cap of $1 million per entity
  • Three commodities are required for 80% and 85% levels of coverage
  • Coverage levels are available with a 50% - 85% in 5% increments. Premium subsidy levels vary by coverage level.
  • All agricultural commodities generating income for the enitity on the grower's Schedule F federal tax document MUST be included for coverage
  • Other MPCI policies may continue coverage alongside the WRFP policy
  • The liability limit for this program is $8.5 million per entity
  • Nursery and Greenhouse Products are limited to a cap of $1 million per entity.

News release from USDA. Expands Farm Safety Net, Offers Greater Flexibility for Beginning Farmers, Organic and Fruit Vegetable Growers. Now available in Kentucky.

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