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One of the ultimate goals in life is to one day purchase and own your very own vehicle and home. Achieving this is often the result of years of hardwork and saving. Don't you want those achievements to be protected if the worst should happen?


Don't let all your hard work go to waste with 1 unfortunate incident — buy home and auto insurance from Shelby Insurance Agency Inc. to protect our valuable assets.


With over 40 years of experience selling insurance to people like you, our company is well-equipped to help protect you, your family and your important belongings.

Get protection as a tenant


Customized plans


Protect your assets


Every person and family has different needs based on their individual lifestyles. So why should insurance policies be one-size-fits-all?


The insurance agents at Shelby Insurance Agency Inc. will work with you to create a customized policy to fit your needs and budget so you're maximally protected without breaking the bank.


You can get anything from boats to recreational vehicles insured. If it is an item of value, you sure can get it insured!

Don't waste money on expensive insurance policies that have extra frills you don't need. Our insurance agents can find you policies that suit you and also have the best rates!

If you rent an apartment, your landlord will have insurance for the building.


However, this does not cover your personal belongings.


For a low monthly rate, you can get renter's insurance from us to protect against theft and damage.

Not having auto insurance is against the law, so contact us today to find out more about our auto insurance policies.


Even if you have a past record of a DUI, you can still get a great rate as we offer competitive rates for ALL drivers, including you!

Your home is one of the most important necessities in life for you and your family. Safeguard against robbery and natural disasters with a great plan from our agency.